Fun Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship

Are you in a long distance relationship and running out of ways to stay connected? While long distance relationships certainly take more work to maintain than regular relationships, there are some simple ideas that you can employ to always have something interesting to do or talk about.

Some Ideas

Buy a set of talking points cards.

There are many varieties from many different brands. While it is highly likely that you have already discussed many of the prompts, surely new ones will exist. You can also play games on top of the cards, such as “truth or dare” or try to guess what your partner would answer for a prompt.

Find a video game that you both enjoy playing and schedule gaming dates.

Now, gaming might not be for everyone, but if it works, then it can open up an entirely new world of experiences for you and your partner. It can even be as simple as chess or Minecraft.

Have a meal together.

Ideally, you two can coordinate on setting up the same meal, but it is not necessary. Give yourself a glass of wine if you’re in the mood!

Watch a movie together.

Make sure you synchronize the timestamps and discuss the movie afterwards.

Make explicit plans for the next physical meetup.

It is important to reinforce the idea that you two will eventually be together again and that you look forward to being in person.

Now that we’ve discussed a few activities to do, here are some suggestions on what NOT to do.

What Not To Do

Do not only talk on the phone.

It might be a bit burdensome to video chat, but consider it a very valuable part of staying in touch. After all, visual attraction is an important part of a relationship! The visual confirmation of someone’s attention can be very meaningful. You could also dress up for each other at times to show appreciation for each other. A little effort goes a long way!

Do not expect virtual hangouts to be the same as live hangouts.

As much as technology has improved in recent years, nothing beats physically being together in person. Give yourself and your partner some leeway and acknowledge that interactions online will be awkward at times.

Do not force them to do an activity.

As good an idea as you may have, if your partner is not comfortable participating in it, do not push the issue! Perhaps he or she just does not like playing video games: try another idea. Perhaps he or she suddenly has to go to work: try another time.

fun things to do in a long distance relationship
Photo by Mindy Sabiston on Unsplash

These tips are tried and true, so I am confident you will find them useful in your long distance relationship. Happy dating!

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