How to Meet People in NYC

Are you alone and without friends? Want to change that? One of the best things you can do is to move to NYC. NYC’s prime benefit is that it’s really easy to meet people and become friends with them. This makes up for all of NYC’s drawbacks, such as being expensive, dirty and having bad weather. Read on to make new friends in NYC.

Lot of people here. Some of them could be your new friends.

Meet Friends of Friends

The easiest way to meet new people is to meet friends of friends. This is particularly easy in NYC because you will probably have a few friends there since it’s full of young people like yourself. They will invite you to dinners or drinks and you can talk to their friends who will also be there. Note that an additional downside of NYC is that all socialization focuses around alcohol. This could be an upside if you like drinking, but it will certainly be bad for your health and will be bad for your work.

Once you have met a few friends of friends, you can meet friends of friends of friends. This is a great thing about NYC. There is no shortage of friends of friends of friends to meet.

Talk to Strangers

You will be constantly surrounded by strangers in NYC. This will happen if you are on the subway, walking on the sidewalk or even if you are in the library. Don’t be afraid to chat with one of them, especially if they seem like a like-minded individual. You can end the conversation with an offer to meet again or not depending on how you feel. If you meet them again, you can apply the first strategy of also trying to meet their friends.

Go to Alumni Events

If you went to college, your college may host alumni events in your city. This is a good way to meet like-minded individuals. Some of them may even be your age. When you go to one of these events, try to meet at least five people at each event. You may have fears that some of them won’t want to talk to you. This is likely not true and even if it is, you can declare yourself a winner if you even exchange one word with five people at the event. They don’t even need to reply for you to win. If you do this, you won’t be a wallflower at the event and you will likely end up having at least five conversations with people.

Meet Friends at Work

You can chat with your coworkers and see if they want to hang out after work. Ideally, you’ll talk about non-work stuff outside of work. This will make your relationship with them stronger as it will be more than just about work. If you must talk about work, you can find things that bind you, such as a stressful deadline or a boss who is sometimes good and sometimes does weird things. Shared trauma can be an excellent way to bond with someone.

Become a Doctor

If you do a medical residency, you’ll have no shortage of shared traumas with your cohort. You’ll be incredibly sleep deprived and stressed. It will become incredibly easy for you to become friends with other members of your cohort as any little way in which you help them will be appreciated with extreme gratitude. Once you become an attending, you can also meet your patients. Depending on your speciality they may be people worth hanging out with again. In that case, they will probably have to stop being your patient for conflict of interest reasons.

Doctors can make friends easily because their training is so traumatic.

Join a Club or Sports League

You can meet like-minded people by joining a club or sports league. This will give you an activity to do, so you won’t run out of things to talk about. You can celebrate your wins on the field together afterwards. Best of all, you don’t need to drink while you are meeting people. You can just meet them. 

Dating Apps

You can meet people on dating apps as well. Sometimes things might not work out with a person and you won’t want to become a romantic partner with them. However, you still might be able to become friends with them.

Throw a Party

Invite all the friends you made in the above ways to your party and tell them to bring their friends. You’ll be able to introduce all your friends to each other and meet their friends as well. This is particularly easy in NYC because you’ll have so many friends, but it may be difficult to host all your friends at your house since apartments in NYC are so tiny. Instead, you may need to rent out some venue. Maybe your friends can cover some of the costs, though the best would be if you can cover all of the costs, so that all your friends can come.

The above tips might work in other cities, but they are likely to work best in NYC because there are so many people there. Happy friend making! Maybe if you are lucky, one of them will in your car with you on the streets of NYC.

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